That is my management style. Hindi pwede na sobrang higpit to the point na demotivated na ang tao mo. Hindi naman pwedeng sobrang luwag na wala ng gustong magtrabaho.

You should have the right combination of being a disciplinarian and a charismatic leader.

I am Emerlyn Cabungcal Villa, better known as May C. Villa or MCV to my colleagues.

I never dreamt to be in management, moreso, in sales. I wanted to be a writer. I prefer being in front of my laptop (typewriter during my college days) writing scripts and poetry. Contrary to how people perceive me, I am to this day an introvert.

I took up B. S. Computer Engineering in Mapua Institute of Technology (please don’t ask when. LOL) because I had flat one’s in Physics, Trigonometry and Calculus. Whew! (A salesperson believes in herself. Self-confidence allows you to establish eye contact with your prospect which is key in closing the deal.)

Back then, I was a consistent scholar and a member of the Honors Society of Mapua (HSM). I was a nerd. The library was my hang out place. I was with the other HSM members solving all possible physics and mathematical problems in all the books available in the library. Even with my friends, I was quiet and timid.

The HSM Alumni recognized that while the members have exceptionally high grades, we lack the social skills needed for us to be successful in our chosen careers. They launched a training in Public Speaking. That’s when I realized I could talk in front of an audience. I just needed to be pushed out of my shell. I then started doing emceeing jobs in school activities.

Then came the search for the first Ms. Mapua… and as they say, the rest is history. I competed in the national search for Ms. University Philippines and brought home the crown. My talent was extemporaneous speech (which I developed to be very good at). I represented the country in the international meet held in Japan. Since my witty speech was in English, they changed my talent to singing (my waterloo). I went back home grateful for the experience.

My first job was in Philicom as Area Manager. When our boss told us to visit 6 clients a day, I did 12. The consistency and hardwork paid-off. I was awarded the Area Manager of the Year for 3 consecutive years and became the first recipient of the Circle of Excellence Award.

 I competed in the search for The Philippines Outstanding Salesman (TOPS) Award and won it in the Telecommunications Industry which I represent.

I joined Smart Telecommunications as the National Sales Head focusing on the Top 1000 Philippine Corporations. I was part of the pioneering team that brought Smart to market leadership. I am so proud of that. 

My management experience in telecommunications and information technology is mainly characterized in being NON-TRADITIONAL. I was and until now INNOVATIVE in my approaches. I always challenge the status quo and launch strategies that are LOW in budget but HIGH in impact. I can share with you a thousand stories aligned with that.

I semi-retired as Vice President for National Sales Operations and Support from Digital Telecommunications (Digitel). It owns the mobile company, Sun Cellular. When PLDT & Smart, acquired Digitel in 2011, my position was redundated. I was given a golden handshake after 8 years of service.

That was when I started learning about how to effectively manage my finances. I was so amazed with my discovery that I started my advocacy to propagate Financial Literacy to people from all walks of life especially those who are not fortunate enough to earn the executive pay I used to enjoy.

The opportunity to widen my reach through a radio program came on November 2016. I started producing and hosting We Mean Business (WMB) whose intent is to help our kababayans improve their financial conditions through financial education and entrepreneurship. In less than 3 years of being on-air and online, the Kapisanan ng mga Broadcasters ng Pilipinas (KBP) recognizes our efforts as being one of the 3 finalists in the Best Magazine Program Award. The culmination will be on July 23, 2019.

On March 2017, I was invited by the National Council on Disability Affairs to be one of their hosts in their event on Empowerment of Women with Disability. It opened my eyes on the need to create awareness and give hope to Persons With Disabilities (PWDs). I started featuring successful stories of PWDs in WMB which were all well received by our followers.

Early part of this year, I joined the International Marketing Group (IMG). It is a group of Financial Educators just like me with the mission to alleviate poverty among Filipino families. From conducting high-level presentations to the Chairman of a conglomerate (my former boss) and to the CEOs of the Top 1000 Philippine Corporations (my clients) in air-conditioned boardrooms, I now teach Financial Literacy while in a sofa of a family in an underprivileged neighborhood. IMG gave my life a new meaning. It changed my world. The things I do today remind me of our humble beginnings as a family. It brought me back home.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. My father finished grade 3 and my mother was a dressmaker. My parents taught us the value of HONESTY, PERSEVERANCE and HARDWORK. Those values were taught to us through their example. 

I am a proud product of PUBLIC SCHOOLS from elementary to high school. We lived SIMPLY and I still do. I don’t employ househelp. Now that I am retired from the busy corporate life, I take pleasure in being hands-on in managing our household and being a mother to my son. He grew up while I was busy building a career. It is now the best time to make it up to him.

Recently, my dream of helping PWDs through financial literacy has started. Other plans are along the way to assist them in being significant contributors in our economy . I am in an exciting stage in my life of helping people the best way I could.

We are all born as a SALESPERSON. Everything that happened in our lives is about selling… selling our ideas, selling ourselves. We advance in life by practicing salesmanship. It started when we were born. We cry when we are hungry and our parents will feed us. Gusto mo ng malaking baon sa school, we justify the increase to our parents. When you have a project you’d like to work on, you sell the idea to your boss. Even when you propose marriage, that is also selling yourself to be one’s lifetime partner.

Everyone of us aspires for SUCCESS – a deep sense of fulfillment and contentment in our careers and in our personal lives. 

Success is NOT all about money. Yes, money is necessary to live comfortably but money should not be our main goal. Through the years of having experienced momentary self-centered happiness, success for me now is seeing people achieving their dreams through my help. 

Many times in my life, I consider myself like a dry leaf being blown by the wind. I let God take me to a place where He thinks I would be of best help to others.

The people I have mentored, my living trophies, would thank me for their transformations. I always have this to say, “My role is simply to help you discover your diamond within.” 

I also thank them for allowing me to CHALLENGE & INSPIRE them. In short, I thank them for accepting my kind of mentorship – “HAMPAS, HIMAS”. Only when you stretch a rubber band will it serve its purpose.

Success does not happen overnight. It will be a difficult climb but I will be there with you to help you discover what is truly in your heart.

I am May C. Villa, extending my hand to you.